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Re: pam_unix and remember [OT]

On Mon, 27 May 2002, Nathan E Norman wrote:

> > 
> > 	Nevermind. This appears to be the problem reported in bug number
> > 95324 . It looks like the maintainer is slacking on the job since not only
> > is the fix mentioned in the bugreport, but implementing the fix is
> > trivial, and yet the problem has been open for over a year now.
> I'm sure this message will win you points with the maintainer :)  Did
> you try contacting him privately before posting your bombast?

	I'm sure it will. Then again, whats he going to do - not fix this
bug for another year? He has gotten enough points from his user community
for dilly dallying on this one for a year now. Some of the greatest
disservices to the Debian project come from maintainers who arent
maintaining their packages or giving them up for adoption.

	And what makes you think that my words are bombastic? Take a look
at the list of open bugs and their reported dates and date of last
activity for libpam-modules and see for yourself how active the maintainer
has been. A similar situation exists for libpam-cracklib. This has the
same maintainer and has another bug report with a solution detailed in it
and which has been open for over 7 months. (To be fair, the fix was
mentioned only in Feb 2002).

	I'd be more specific about my statements if I knew who the
maintainer was : dpkg --print-avail reports two different names on stable
and unstable for the packages in question.

	I dont understand peoples desire to mollycoddle volunteers if they
arent living upto to what they voluntarily agreed to do. If a friend
agreed to help you with some rather big task, and then didnt show up,
would you not get ticked off?

	Scoring points with the maintainer? Frankly my dear, I dont give a


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