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Re: Generating Mail passwords

On Fri, 2002-05-24 at 15:04, Lars Roland Kristiansen wrote:
> Hi i have configuret postfix, pop-before-smpt and ipop3 (ssl). On a debian
> mail server. I have 200 users and whant some new more secure passwords
> (not to long though). Is there a simple way to generate
> secure passwords so i can use them with adduser ????

pwgen or one of the other password generation tools with the right
options. :)

apt-cache show pwgen

Description: Automatic Password generation
 pwgen generates random, meaningless but pronounceable passwords.
 on how the program was installed, these words contain either only
 lowercase letters, or upper and lower case mixed, or digits thrown
 in. Uppercase letters and digits are placed in a way that eases
 remembering their position when memorizing only the word.

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