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Re: restricting outbound access?

>>>>> "Steve" == Steve Meyer <steve11523@hotmail.com> writes:

Steve> I have a question.  Is there any way to restrict outbound access
Steve> for all but a few users?

You can check out the grsecurity patches, which are currently in sid
(and probably woody too), package kernel-patch-2.4-grsecurity.  I can't
imagine that it would be any problem downloading the package and
installing it on a potato box, though, if that's what you have, or you
can get it from <URL:http://www.grsecurity.net/>.  It works best with
the latest kernel (currently 2.4.18).

It actually works the other way around -- you add users that you don't
want to have outbound access to a special group -- but you get the same

It also allows you to stop users from creating processes that listen on
network ports too, which you probably would want to have too.

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