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Re: Fixing file system privileges

also sprach David Stanaway <david@stanaway.net> [2002.05.11.0904 +0200]:
> Since the last time you hit _ in dselect maybe.
> dstanawa@ciderbox:~$ dpkg --get-selections |grep purge
> aptitude					purge
> dstanawa@ciderbox:~$ sudo dpkg --purge aptitude
> (Reading database ... 98668 files and directories currently installed.)
> Removing aptitude ...
> Purging configuration files for aptitude ...
> dstanawa@ciderbox:~$ dpkg --get-selections |grep purge
> dstanawa@ciderbox:~$ 
> So it is purges that are pending (Hence: dpkg --pending --purge which is
> run by dselect).

yeah, that makes sense. i never have non-purged software around. my
bad. in any case, my suggestion, to grep -v "deinstall" would cope
with that just fine ;)

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