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Re: Iptables config

Sami Dalouche <skoobi@free.fr> wrote:

> Here's a set of rules to replace ipmasq's ones..

Thank you, I'll take a look at them. But, I'd still need some help
concerning the DROP chain -- I've read the Packet-filtering-HOWTO,
and eyed all related HOWTOs from LDP (actually, the Debian package
doc-linux-html), but *still* I'm unable to really grasp the whole
iptables syntax. The rules file I included to my original mail was
put together with a help of a "bit" more experienced friend, so
even that wasn't fully accomplished by me.

So -- I'd really need some help concerning the DROP. Some person
already pointed out, that I don't have any rule, which would DROP
unnecessary packages. The rule file I have, only opens three ports
and REJECTs everything else. But, I got the picture, that I should
also add DROPs there. Even after reading HOWTOs and iptables(8),
I just can't grasp the idea. Any input and help would be greatly

> Have fun, rip ideas, do whatever you want, I release these files
> under the GPL ;-)

Hehe, I'll look into these and if I'm able to find the solution
to use DROP from your scripts, I will rip 'em. ;-) Thanks a lot,
I think these help a bit, at least. Still, most of the iptables
syntax is total hebrew for me... I guess my IQ isn't very high.
*sad grin*.

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