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Unidentified subject!

Greetings all

I'm currently building a firewall/router based on GNU/debian.  This is my first time with such a project as I have previously used pre-packaged or configured firewalling solutions.  I'd like the control of building it myself this time :) I'm using a minimal debian 3.0 (woody) install on a P60 with ~80MB RAM and a 1.6GB Hard Disk.  I've compiled the 2.2.20 kernel with the corresponding LIDS patches for this as I'd like to use the TrinityOS ipchains ruleset in the native 2.2.* environment for ipchains, at least until I can translate the ruleset to iptables.
However, my question/concern is this:  I'm looking for an MTA to satisfy dependencies for cron and logcheck.  I don't have alot of experience with Mail Transport Agents and I'm looking for others' input on what is perhaps the smallest and easiest configurable for my needs.  I'm looking for minimal usage...basically only needed for local delivery to the root/postmaster account for notification of log anomalies, snort, and lids warnings, etc.   
I've also considered setting up a loghost over a serial connection and perhaps this would be a better way to deliver such messages?
Can anyone share some insight on this and perhaps some howto links?



Brad Beck - linux guru in beta


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