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Re: securid logins


Quoting martin f krafft (madduck@madduck.net):
> yeah, but that's OpenSSH only (which *is* 99% of what you'd use it for).
> but i'd love a PAM-based solution. maybe i should port it. if openssh
> can do it, then the code is open-source, then pam should be able to do
> it too.
There are open source PAM modules for the RB-1, alongside the sshd patch.
Both are outdated and need fixing-up for recent versions of pam/ssh, but
they do contain the logic needed. I have succeeded in getting working
authentication using the RB-1 with the vendor-supplied pam module, 
authenticating against a radius server (which was not what i was 
looking for :/ )

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