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Re: su - user question

also sprach Dave Kline <dave@iitedge.com> [2002.01.21.2340 +0100]:
> Woah, that does sound a little far-fetched.  I am assuming there is a
> little more to this story?  I would think most *physical* intruders
> would try to nab DVD players, valuables, and money, not wander into a
> spare room and whip out some UNIX skills to break into machines.
> Well, if I were a robber, I would certainly just take machines and not
> concern myself with having remote access to them.  Hmm, likely most
> people that know about init=/bin/sh have enough money to not have to
> break into places.

i don't have a DVD player, i have no valuables, and definitely no money.
all my machines are physically locked down though. and no, there wasn't
more to the story.

> There has to be more there, like you offended someone you know and he
> wandered to your house or your some sort of spy that knows people that
> do that stuff ;)  Just a little healthy skepticism...

maybe it's just me, but i have the weirdest shit happening to me.
skepticism accepted, i don't have anything more to say though.

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