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Re: root's home world readable

"Noah L. Meyerhans" <frodo@morgul.net> writes:

>> I have changed /root to 0700 on all my installations because I am running 
>> mysql server.  It hasn't broken anything.
> Is there any reason you can't just chmod 0600 /root/.my.cnf, in that
> case? Clearly there are individual files that you don't want
> world-readable, but that's true for normal users' home dirs as well.

Why do you want folks to be able to *see* that you have a .my.conf in

Directory and file permissions work together; block r on the dir and the
users won't be able to _ls_ in it. Block permissions on the file as well,
and they won't be able to read it should they guess its existence. 
All to the good, as far as I'm concerned!


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