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RE: Mail server anti-virus software?

> > >     Also, which mailserver would you recommend? (I have to learn one
> > > anyway.)
> > I'd recommend QMail. Why? - Read some mailing lists... And this
> is commonly
> > the question of religion.
> and i'd recommend postfix.
> trying hard to stay away from a religious war, i am keeping this as
> factual as possible. postfix and qmail don't really have any functional
> differences. both can do the same, both have the same features, and both
> are very powerful and cool.

Frankly speaking, I have no experience with other MTAs. But qmail
was installed by me "from scratch", i.e. I really had no any experience
with MTA or even Linux.

> however, they use completely different configuration paradigms, and
> while there is little to be said against doing it the qmail-way, postfix
> seems more intuitive to the newbie who's always only worried about
> configuration files. qmail does not have a configuration file like
> postfix, it uses a mixture of directory hierarchies, filenames, and
> contents to configure the mail server. once you understood the paradigm,
> you can do whatever you want, as said.
> ....

Agreed. Not so simple for newbie. I've experienced some funny problems
with one wrong letter in the config file :).

> *but*, and this is something that i probably shouldn't state here, but
> which i feel important. it's not about the functionality of the
> software, it's about the principle.
> ...

Yes, I know about it. Agreed again.
Somebody said "agressive personality". That's the thing I newer forget to
anybody too. Only one of us is God, so help if you can.

OK, it is time to taste postfix. Knowledge - that's why I am spending my
on mailing lists! :).
Thanks Martin!


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