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Re: [ot] how to create a user that can't log in?

hi ya nathan

create a group "proj"

add tom, dick, harry to belong to the proj group ( /etc/group )
	- those NOT listed in proj will NOT be able to do anything

make sure /home/project is  owned by projectmanager and group proj
make sure its chmod 775 or chmod 770 for /home/project

make sure the shell for projectmanager is /dev/null ( no login shell )

each user ( tom, dick, harry ) can all run
  w/o having to be projectmanager

-- i claim there is no point to having a login account projectmanager/user
   if everybody can login into it... why bother ???
	- you'd want to know who made the changes ... ( tom, dick, harry )

c ya

On Sun, 20 Jan 2002, Nathan E Norman wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm setting up a project for some friends.  I want each of them to
> have their own account, but I want the project to be hosted (and run
> under) a seperate account.  Each user should be able to su to the
> project account to restart daemons.  No user should be able to log in
> as the project user.
> How do I set this up?  Is it possible?

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