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Re: Unusual Bind log entry

Previously Mustafa Baig wrote:
> Jan 19 19:22:44 cold named[7247]: starting (/etc/bind/named.conf).  named 8.2.3-REL-NOESW Sat Jan 27 01:46:37 MST 2001 ^Ibdale@winfree:/home/bdale/debian/bind-8.2.3/src/bin/named
> Its the last part consisting of ^ibdale@winfree which is suspicious. Any ideas?

No, it's the path where bind binary was build. Looks like it was build
by the bdale account on a machine called winfree in the directory
/home/bdale/debian/bind-8.2.3. Which makes perfect sense if you know
that the package maintainer is Bdale Garbee.


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