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Re: protection against buffer overflows

Tim Uckun <tim@diligence.com> wrote on 19/01/2002 (10:16) :
> >Has anyone any interesting comments about theses methods ?
> There are also alternative languages like cyclone 
> http://www.research.att.com/projects/cyclone/ (which is based on C) and of 
> course you could use a high level anguage like pyton, perl, java, scheme 
> etc.


I would say that Ada 95 should be mentioned. It is a very good language
that will help you catch more bugs at compiletime than C/C++/Java. It is
not a scripting language but a powerful object-oriented general purpose
programming language. It has built-in concurrency, built-in exception
handling, built-in generic templates, built-in distributed execution,
standard and defacto standard interfaces to other programming languages
and libraries. 

For more information check out: http://www.adapower.net

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