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Re: protection against buffer overflows

hi ya vincent
> I'm working on buffer overflows these days, and more precisely the possible
> methods to avoid them.
> It seems that the most used tools to prevent exploits based on buffer
> overflows are Libsafe, OpenWall, StackGuard... and maybe Saint Jude.
> Has anyone any interesting comments about theses methods ? 

just a quickie comment... 

libsafe seems to work across the board on most major linux distro
and takes 5 minutes to do it all

openwall works only w/ 2.2.x kernels unless they've released 2.4.x stuff

stackguard was beyond my scope of "patience"...
	( part of immunix ?? )
	- and it modifies gcc  which i didnt like it doing...

	- sometimes compiling sources already fails with generic
	environments so didnt want to deal with a modified gcc

other kernel patches/methodologies


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