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Re: change ssh

No Fear:
Well, if you are using Debian stable/Potato, add the line:

deb http://security.debian.org potato/updates main contrib non-free

to your sources.list. Then apt-get update ; apt-get upgrade. If SID/testing, just apt-get update ; apt-get upgrade. If none of the above, merely go nab OpenSSH and OpenSSL and ./configure ; make ; make install.
-A. Dave

no fear wrote:

plss i need help i need change the ssh .. me ssh is 2.1 and i need change it pls help me how ?? plss help me .. i have a root and when i open there in telnet port 22 is SSH 2.1 and i need chenge it ... that is the root from inernet caffe .. pls help me .. how .. i need ssh 3.1 or non comercial ..
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