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RE: sshd sending packets outside lan during local connection

I didn't look at your tcpdump output but I'd assume it's trying to
resolve the in-addr.arpa record for the internal IP address and failing.
Try setting up BIND to resolve PTR records for the internal network IP
addresses and make sure that the server is configured to look to itself
for DNS. Hope this helps.


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Subject: sshd sending packets outside lan during local connection

I am using Debian Potato 2.2.19ide-pci and running openssh (3.0.2p1) and

bind (version: 1:8.2.3-0.potato.1).  It is also being used as a firewall
a local network.  It has 2 nic cards, one with an internal ip and one
an external ip.
When I ssh locally (to the internal ip)to this firewall it sends out
to my ISP.  If I unplug the "external ip" nic before entering the
then the connection pauses for about a minute before connecting.

I am no expert as I have just started using Debian, but it seems like
password is being sniffed.  I'm not exactly sure what the tcpdump output

shows (ATTACHED with route info) but it seems to be doing a domain name
up (but I could be wrong).  I have no idea why it would have to do a
look-up because I connect via ip address (ssh root@192.168.x.x) which is

inside the local network.

Earlier I made the mistake of offering bind publicly.  I recently
this but I don't know if I was compromised during the time it was
public.  I 
am hoping this is just a misconfiguration problem.  Any suggestions
would be 
greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

Debian user

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