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Need some advice on configuring SAMBA shares


	I've SAMBA up and running on my multihomed host so that I share resources 
over my home LAN. I've created SAMBA accounts for all of my UNIX users, 
however, I have my Windows users accessing SAMBA through the guest account.

I accomplished this by using the "map to guest = Bad User" argument in 
smb.conf. I then created a Guest share configured like the following:

    comment = Guests shares
    path = /home/guests
    writeable = yes
    guest ok = yes

I did this because it makes less accounts and passwords to manage on both the 
Windows and Debian boxes.

My question is, how can a modify the permissions of /home/guest so that any 
file created under that directory would be owned by user guest and group 
users (or something else like that). 


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