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Re: /etc/passwd->shell

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>>>>> "Ivan" == \"Ivan R \" <Ivan> writes:

>> Just make sure that you have some way of doing stuff as root
>> (e.g. sudo), and that you don't kill single mode.  (Never tried this,
>> but I don't see why you couldn't do this.)

Ivan> ok for sudo, but what do you mean by "don t kill single mode"?

I think that if you boot into single mode (e.g. type "linux single" at
the LILO prompt), you'll drop into whatever shell is defined for root.
(Again, I've never tried changing root's shell.)  If you set root's
shell to /bin/false, you won't be able to use single mode, so you may
want to give yourself another back door, in case you need to fix a
messed up configuration file that's preventing your system from starting
up properly.  (But then, I think that "linux init=/bin/sh" will always
work, so it may be fine to give root a dummy shell.  Again, I've never
tried this, so you're on your own.)

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