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Re: Socks & Squid?

Lou Poppler wrote:

On Fri, 11 Jan 2002, Josh Frick wrote:

Is there any reason that Socks and Squid couldn't or shouldn't be run on the same box? I'd appreciate anyone's advice. Thanks.

Be very careful to configure both of these very restrictively.
The newest favorite trick of pro spammers is to find promiscuous
Socks proxies, Wingate proxies, and Squid or Cacheflow servers
which allow untraceable relaying of spam via your machine.
Untraceable to the actual spammer that is -- probably you will
have some explaining to do to your own ISP as to why so many
spam complaints are arriving which show your box as the source
of the spam.  The default configurations of Socks and Squid seem
to allow any host to proxy through them.

Thank you. Are there any Debian packages that have settings or scripts for settings you'd recommend? FYI, I was planning on putting Socks/Squid behind one or two packet filters. Not sure if this will make a difference, but I offer *no* services to the outside world. (intentionally, that is :-) )

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