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Re: Hacked too?

also sprach éÇÏÒØ âÁÌÕÓÏ× <balusov@rambler.ru> [2002.01.11.2316 +0100]:
> I have run chkrootkit and get 
> "Checking `bindshell'... INFECTED (PORTS:  31337)"
> What I need to do?

reinstall. no, really! unless this is a non-productive system, in which
case you are free to try to remove it. but once you have a cracked
system, you can't take anything for granted, you can't even trust your
keyboard anymore. and everytime you use SSH or telnet or whatever, your
password is probably going straight to the hacker. so all the systems
you SSH into are possibly also hacked. let's hope you don't root-login
remotely anywhere!

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