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RE: IPSec questions...

On Wed, 9 Jan 2002, VERBEEK, FRANCOIS wrote:

> Well what you propose here is not exactly IPSec. It's an encrypted way to communicate but not IPSec. Don't expect it to work with a Cisco router/VPN concentrator or a Win2K machine.
> FreeSwan is quite a good product, quite inter-operable with all paltforms I tested it with. (It's been a while now, but I can find you the info about how I did it if you'd like).

I do not find FreeSwan good enough. FreeBSD(OpenBSD) implemetation seems 
to me better. FreeSwan has serious problem with packet fragmentation 
and setting MTU. 

Thas why finaly gave up trying to use FreeSwan against other IPSEC 

For few computers IPSEC is too robust. CIPE is easier to understand and 
configure. I think that there is WIN NT implementation of CIPE.

Ivan Brezina

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