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Re: problems with ssh

>From Hernan Del Boca on Monday, 07 January, 2002:
>i have problems with the ssh server..
>im trying to connect to a server via ssh but i dont want the server to ask 
>for the password.

It should also be noted that, if using RSA keys, you will be prompted for
  a password if the password for the RSA key is not empty (If it is empty,
  you will not be prompted).  To avoid this, use ssh-agent.  Read the
  manpage on ssh-agent for more information on using it.  RSA keys are
  nice, in that your password never hits the wire.  If I understand
  the system correctly, your private key never hits the wire either.  The
  client uses the key to prove its identity via a signature or something
  related to one.
Also note that password authentication can be turned off via 
  PasswordAuthentication in sshd_config and your private ssh config file

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