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Re: problems with ssh

> i have problems with the ssh server..
> im trying to connect to a server via ssh but i dont want the server to ask 
> for the password.
> how can i fix it?

From 'man ssh'

   ssh implements the RSA authentication protocol automatically.
   The user creates his/her RSA key pair by running ssh-keygen(1).  This
   stores the private key in $HOME/.ssh/identity and the public key in
   $HOME/.ssh/identity.pub in the user's home directory.  The user should
   then copy the identity.pub to $HOME/.ssh/authorized_keys in his/her home
   directory on the remote machine (the authorized_keys file corresponds to
   the conventional $HOME/.rhosts file, and has one key per line, though
   the lines can be very long).  After this, the user can log in without
   giving the password.  RSA authentication is much more secure than rhosts


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