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RE: strange auth log

This box is hosted in a hosting center, I thing there aren't any cats or other animals. 
It is a possibility that somebody droped his coat or something else to the keyboard, but a 
more important question is, why crashes the system so that it needed a hw reset to restart?
I don't find any other non-regular log entries. Syslogs last headbeat in messages was at 19:42.

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Feladó: Phillip Hofmeister [mailto:plhofmei@svsu.edu]
Küldve: Monday, January 07, 2002 2:53 PM
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Tárgy: Re: strange auth log

These messages would seem to suggest someone was pounding on your terminal keyboard trying to log in.  The blank bad user names I would assume means no user name was entered.

The p[d[d[c[c`...,,mmnnbbb and ^IZCXCGH^[[19~ would lead me to believe there was a furry animal running around your keyboard.  Do you have a cat? <smile>

If you know no one had physical access to your computer at the time of these log messages then I would not rule out other issues.  I could speculate as to what these issues could be but I think the scenario I provided is among the most probable.


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