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Re: mounting /tmp noexec

> > > [terrapin] 08:47:21 ~$ /tmp/a
> > > bash: /tmp/a: Permission denied
> > what happens if you do:
> > sh -x /tmp/a
> Or
> $ cp /bin/echo /tmp
> $ /lib/ld-linux.so.2 /tmp/echo foo

Of course it will work in this case. Please notice that I'm not the man
who suggested to mount /tmp noexec (by the way if you do, xmkmf will not
work). I'm the man who said that -x- attribute still will be in place
*even if you will mount system with noexec* because somebody suggested
to use 'noexec' for mounting vfat partitions and getting no 'x'
attribute on files.


"Python is executable pseudocode, Perl is executable line-noise."

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