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Re: faq? rpc.statd: gethostbyname error for

On Mon, Dec 31, 2001 at 09:11:41PM +0100, David Gestel wrote:
> Dec 29 14:10:58 name rpc.statd[3364]: gethostbyname error for
> ^X÷ÿ¿^X÷ÿ¿^Z÷ÿ¿^Z÷ÿ¿%8x%8x%8x%8x%8x%8x%8x%8x%8x%62716x%hn%51859x%hn\220\220\

Do you use NFS, NIS or anything that needs portmap? If not, then you might want
to uninstall it.

Johan Kiviniemi  ion at hassers.org  http://ion.amigafin.org/

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