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RE: Secure 2.4.x kernel

On Fri, 2001-12-28 at 03:22, Howland, Curtis wrote:

> Naa, it's simian posturing. It happens with humans everywhere. I 
> enjoyed watching it in Good Will Hunting, and two days ago rented 
> Finding Forrester (same movie, different actors), and sure enough 
> lots of simian posturing. "You dare to challenge me in MY classroom?" etc.

Oh yes. The alpha chimp syndrome. Second-circuit through and through. 

> The problem is cultural and social. We've moved away from the teaching 
> traditions that channeled such territoriality and aggression in constructive 
> ways. Hormone-addled male teens no longer get "whupped" into shape when they 
really need it.
> I can suggest the writings of Jeff Cooper for a better exploration of the 
> kinds of attitudes and processes that are now missing, and R.A.Heinlein for 
> lots of fictional explorations of the issue. 

May I humbly say anything by Tim Leary or Robert Anton Wilson you can
lay your hands on? 

> There's some really nasty little flame freaks out there who simply do not 
> understand the repercussions of their words, and how they hurt people. 

There is nothing wrong in hurting people. Compassion may assume ruthless 
forms. However, feeding one's ego by means of "ultra-coolness" or the "poor
underestimated me" stance is outright revolting in my paradigm. 

> They've never been taught how to argue with their (recently evolved) brains.
> Curt-

Quite agree, quite agree. Evolution is ever so slow... ahem, no, I'm not
referring to my MUA... 

Pope Mickey XXIII, Head Priest Of The
"Walk-In-And-Start-Posting-Shameless-OT-Messages" cabal. 


" The bats have left the belfry
  The ravens have flown the nest
  Our lord Jesus was crucified
  Bollocks, I'm depressed "
   --Wulf's Xtian Goff Poem

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