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Re: /etc/passwd ?

just run "info false" ....
   This version of `false' is implemented as a C program, and is thus
more secure and faster than a shell script implementation, and may
safely be used as a dummy shell for the purpose of disabling accounts.

so, a "chsh -s /bin/false games" for disabling a telnet/ssh account for the
games accound is a good idea ;)

> most of them are relics of software that you probably dont need,but be
> carefully what account you erase.
> better comment them out.you can put a /etc/NOSHELL instead of /bin/sh or
> even /bin/false and they won't be able to login into the machine no more..
> >I was wandering if I edited my /etc/passwd file and replaced all the
> >/bin/sh to /bin/false , will that break anything?
> >What Im seeing is accounts like lp, games, uucp, proxy, postgres, and a
> >slew of others that I dont use.
> >

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