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Re: Exim mail

bxf4@psu.edu (Brian P. Flaherty) writes:

> Josh <metrix007@yahoo.com> writes:
> > hmmm, im a bit of a newbie here, but how do you bind a
> > daemon, eg telnetd to a certain nic?
> Try running xinetd, if you aren't already. In each service block, you can
> use the 'bind' option, which ties the service to a NIC's IP address. 
> Someone please correct me if I am wrong, but I think this effectively
> keeps the service from listening on other interfaces.

'Tis correct.

Example (for those who like using _sn_ as a news transport):

service nntp
	socket_type     = stream
	protocol        = tcp
	wait            = no
	user            = news
	group           = news
	server          = /usr/bin/env
	server_args     = POSTING_OK=1 PATH=/usr/sbin/:/usr/bin:/sbin/:/bin /usr/sbin/snntpd logger -p news.info
	bind		=

However, you can also do exactly the same thing in exim.conf itself -
OTTOMH the directive is `local_interfaces', BICBW.

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