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Re: ping problem

Am Mit, 12. Dez 2001, 15:02:40 +0200 schrieb Halil Demirezen:
> How can i solve the problem that after i ping my computer(server) with
> "ping localhost&" for about 160 times, the system starts not to give
> response and the load average of the cpu raises to the %81.
> and i can manage this under an ordinary user account. 
> So a normal user can make the whole system locked with a simple 160* "ping
> localhost&" :<
> how can i solve this system problem..
> should i remove ping command?

I don't really understand what you're doing here are you doing here,
are you starting 160 ping commands or is it just one command and the
fun starts after it send out 160 packets?

Well, if you're starting 160 ping commands in paralell, removing ping
won't help you, there are other commands which can do that to (like
make -j on the kernel tree or some tiny fork bomb, you can write one
in every shell). In this case you want to look into pam-limits, as
others in this thread suggested.

If just one ping command is enough to do that, than you either found a
bug somewhere in the software or you have a problem with your
hardware. I had the problem once that tcp-connections got stuck after
some kbytes on an old 486 on a 10MBit network, the problem was that
the default WSS or MSS or something like that (I don't remeber
exactly) was raised in newer kernel and my machine was simply to slow
to handle it. I dont't believe though that this is exactly your


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