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Re: Fw: Can a daemon listen only on some interfaces?

On Mon, Dec 10, 2001 at 01:21:15PM +0000, Tim Haynes wrote:
> Ultimately, I want input & forward to be drop-by-default. However, the
> `block' chain is meant to be good for both input & forward scenarios; it
> has rules for stateful filtering and `open' things, then a drop & log. If I
> put in a rule matching -i and/or -o as appropriate, it still doesn't seem
> to work. Maybe I've done something wrong (and I don't really want to post
> ork's firewall in any more detail).
> What about if I kick *all* packets from forward onto `block', though?
> That's the bit I'm not wholly happy about.
I think you are better to break your rules up into separate connection
orientated rulesets.

I will reply off list with more details as this is getting a little off
topic now.


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