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Re: How do I disable (close) ports?


"J. Paul Bruns-Bielkowicz" wrote:
> > Commenting out things in /etc/services doesn't
> > disable anything.
> It seems to. The above ports were closed just by commenting them out of
> /etc/services  and then rebooting.

well, there are daemons which don't know on which port they should run.
they look in /etc/services for a special name and want to run on the specific port.
if they don't find the special name in /etc/services they abort with an error message.

so removing lines from /etc/services might help, but now, every time, when you are
booting, the daemon tries to start and generates an error message.

but who says, that if you do an apt-get update/upgrade, that newer versions of the same
daemon does not have a default port?
and why do you want to upgrade software, that you don't need?

well, it is just like installing mysql and never starting it...useless.


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