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Re: Re: How do I disable (close) ports?

At 05.12.2001, J. Paul Bruns-Bielkowicz wrote:
> I have a restricted services file and a default (open) services file. Some
> services are disabled, i.e.
> 9/tcp      open        discard
> 13/tcp     open        daytime
> 109/tcp    open        pop-2
> 987/tcp    open        unknown
> by commenting them out of /etc/services.

This is completely not your problem. /etc/services is just for mapping
the port number to a portname.

You cannot disable ports with /etc/services!

To close ports, stop the process wich is listening on it.

netstat -ln will show you ports on wich a process is listening. Stop the
process and the port is "closed".

Do not touch /etc/services if you do not know what you are doing there!

Regards, Guido

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