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Re: How do I disable (close) ports?

(2001-12-04) J. Paul Bruns-Bielkowicz sed :

 | Hi,
 | I disabled all but a few ports in /etc/services, but I have
 | tcp        0      0 pa237.olsztyn.sdi.t:111
 | when I netstat my machine. What exactly does this mean? I just want
 | 25/tcp     open        smtp
 | 37/tcp     open        time
 | 66/tcp     open        sql*net
 | 80/tcp     open        http
 | 110/tcp    open        pop-3
 | 443/tcp    open        https
 | 3306/tcp   open        mysql
 | open. How can I close ports 111 and 859? They are not enabled in
 | /etc/services
 | Thanks,
 | J. Paul Bruns-Bielkowicz
 | http://www.america.prv.pl

Gasp. You can't disable services just removing them from the
/etc/services file. This file is just there to say "that port is known
to listen for that service", and most of time, you don't delete
entries in it (you can add some if you want :) ). It's just here to be
a "database" of well-known ports.
The 111 port belongs to the portmapper. To remove it, just "apt-get
remove portmap".
The 859 port is not known. It's surely a rpc.*d which listens on it,
it the rpc daemons seem to not have fixed ports.
If you want to know which process uses which port, you can "netstat
-pan", or "fuser -n tcp port".

By the way, would mind not posting public IPs in ML ? Some people
would kill you for doing that :-)

VALLIET Emmanuel
Webmotion Inc. (-> http://www.webmotion.com <-)
And they shall plow their swords into beach chairs.

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