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Re: VI wrapper for SUDO? - another bad way ??

Gerfried Fuchs writes:
>* William R. Ward <bill@wards.net> [2001-12-04 11:56]:
>> Because the thread originated there.
> I haven't seen it before here.  Do you really mean
><debian-security@debian.org> and not <debian-security@LISTS.debian.org>?
>Those are two totally different things....  Maybe you have to resend
>your message there to let it show up in the correct list.  You have my
>permission to send my messages there, too.  For completeness.  But
>please add that I don't read <debian-security@LISTS.debian.org> so if
>someone answers s/he should consider to Cc: me if it seems relevant.

I accidentally sent it to @debian.org, and Colin Watson pointed that
error out to me.  I re-sent it to @lists.debian.org, which is where
the thread belongs.  Note that I removed the CC to
debian-security@debian.org.  The similarity of those two aliases is
very confusing.  I am also on a number of perl.org's lists, and for
that domain the correct address is @perl.org, not @lists.perl.org.  I
think I confused the two.

>> The original idea was debian-related, in that I wanted to be able to
>> have /etc/alternatives be consulted when deciding what editor to
>> invoke.
> /etc/alternatives is readable by every user.  If you want just to
>decide there is no need to do this as root.

If you want to participate in that part of the discussion I suggest
you read the list archives for debian-security@lists.debian.org.


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