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Re: Squid security

> On another server, which I have squid running and want running, I keep
> getting accesses from http://service.bfast.com/bfast/serve and someone
> seems to be accessing web pages late at night when everyone has gone
> home.  Trouble is, the IP addresses that access squid don't have host
> names (ie. they don't exist) and they keep changing.  Is there any way
> to block access to this and is there a good FAQ, etc.
> It seems strange though, as the access is every few minutes and the
> pages accessed have ads involved,while the first person (above) was
> accessing squid regularly in spurts.

Try looking up the addresses in arin.net (american registry of internet
NOTE: This is not the same as networksolutions WHOIS.

this site may send you to one of the other registry of internet numbers if
the IPs aren't from the US, but you can follow it there.


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