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Re: VI wrapper for SUDO? - another bad way ??

Alvin Oga writes:
>how about: ( maybe a dumb idea .... but...a temporary answer??
>user> vi  /etc/aliases
>	- save it to /tmp/aliases
>user> sucpaliases
>where sucp:  and allow users to run sucp as root
>	- add sucpaliases into the sudo file

Not bad... then wrap the whole thing in a script..  editaliases would
do the above steps


cp /etc/aliases $tmpfile
/etc/alternatives/editor $tmpfile
sudo sucpaliases $tmpfile
sudo newaliases		# for good measure
# end editaliases

Question: Is it generally considered secure enough to sudo a bash
script like your sucpaliases?  Or should a C equivalent be written


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