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Re: [OT] resctrict ssh to localnet for some users but not for others.

* op <ol1@v10a.com> [2001.11.27 10:23:57+0100]:
> I specify  the users in /ets/ssh/sshd_config who are allowed to connect via 
> ssh. But I'd like some more control. I'd like to control which subnets user x 
> can connect from. Some should be allowed to connect from anywhere but some 
> should only be able to conect from the local network.

nope, this isn't possible with the current sshd. an interesting
feature though...

you could write a custom shell that checks the IP after login and only
spawns a shell when it's from an OK subnet...

> Hope that the day after you die is a nice day.

eh? i can't really see that pleasant side of this...

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