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Re: is 3des secure??

On Mon, Nov 26, 2001 at 09:04:59AM +0900, Howland, Curtis wrote:
> While this may be whipping a greasy stain on the road, it is true that
> 3DES was created "by the government" back when private cryptology was
> difficult or unknown. I believe it is prudent to consider that it was
> allowed to be used because of practical cracking available to the crypto
> experts.

No, DES (and thus 3DES) was created by IBM, with collaboration by the
government.  The biggest govt. influence was in the short 56 bit
key length.  In 3DES, this is not an issue.

Personally I'd trust 3DES more than the DSA signature algorith used in
GPG.  DSA *was* created by the government.


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