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filesystem errors


I have problems with my computer. I have Windows 98 SE nad Linux Debian
2.2.r4. Windows works ok, but in Linux i encountered strange errors on
filesystem. It's something like: inode #no. has invalid entry offset=4!=0
and then specification of this entry. I've also encountered errors like
directory corrupted, files not attached to inode etc.
I can't find source of this. Fsck -c tells me that everything is ok.
Badblocks command - the same. Does anyone know what could happen and how can
I avoid it in future?

Second question: is it possible to determine type of packet when it doesn't
pass through firewall? I know that there is snort and other tools to do it,
but I've only figured how to determine packets after they are allowed by

Jaroslaw Postawa

PS. I'm not sure if it is the right list, but I think that my problem might
be caused by network attacks so I posted it here. I'll do the same on
debian-users in near future.


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