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Re: Some samba problems.

On Sat, Nov 17, 2001 at 01:54:47PM +0300, shadow wrote:
> Hi,
> I have some problems with Samba. I have a large network and want to share
> my printer, but allow only access from several hosts or even some users,
> which are registered on my machine. All is ok then I do such thing for
> file shares
> [foo]
> path=/usr/foo
> guest ok = no
> browseable = yes
> public = yes
> username = fred, aaa

1a)  and 1b) are synonyms, use one of them and think twice before
allowing guests.

2) This does not restrict anything. It just specifies,  that  the
supplied  password should be tested against this users as well as
the user, specified by the client.

Try to use `valid users' instead.

> but something wrong then I do such thing for printer. If all needed
> entries are in smb.conf and you are trying to print on shared printer from
> win2k you aren't ask about anything. 'Everyone' may print on shared
> printer from win2k. It doesn't matter which security level you are using.
> Is it feature of win2k or just a bug? What have I do to share printer

Also,  did  you  checked  the possibility, that the user from w2k
logged in once and the w2k recorded  his  username/password,  and
supplies it for future logins?

> allowing printing only from some hosts and for some users.
> Shadow.
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