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Re: Firewall Related Question

On Mon, Oct 22, 2001 at 12:44:03PM +0200, eim wrote:
> I've got some simple questions related to using a Firewall on
> some single pubblic Debian Boxes, I choose to post my questions
> here because I've always securitty in mind during the Developing 
> time of my Network Services.
> Let me asume I've got a simple Network with 3 Pubblic Debian 
> Servers and 1 Cisco Router (Internet Gateway).
> The router belongs to my Connection ISP so I can't configure it,
> but onlu use it for Internet connectivity.
> The 3 Debian Boxes are under my full control.
> The best way to protect my Debian Servers would be to install
> a Firewall on my Gateway (Cisco Router) but actually I can't,
> so my question is: Can I install a Firewall on each of my Debian
> Boxes to filter/block incoming and outgoing Network Traffic ?
> Is this a good choice ? or should I put another machine in my
> Network, between the Gateway and the Servers, which acts as Firewall ?
You can just configure a packet filter on all your servers, the main
disadvantage is that it's more difficult to administer

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