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Re: Problem with SCP

Jeff Coppock, 2001-Oct-13 19:40 -0700:
> Has anyone seen an issue with scp, as part of the woody ssh
> package?  On 2 occasions after using scp to transfer some large
> files (300MB +), my libc6 got corrupted.  The 1st time I had to
> reinstall the system.  This time, I was able to acquire and dpkg
> -i libc6, ldso, ld.so.preload-manager, apt and a couple more just
> for grins and all seems okay now.
> I'm scared to use scp anymore, and I haven't found any bug
> reports on it yet.

Nevermind...I had hardware problem on my system.  The bios
doesn't support hdd's > 2G and when it would write to space
outside of the initial 2G it would hose the structure inside the
initial 2G (my root partition).

I fixed it with a new motherboard...gave me an excuse to get a
faster process and more memory  :-)


Jeff Coppock		Nortel Networks
Systems Engineer	http://nortelnetworks.com

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