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GPG questions

So, I notice that my encryption subkey is due to expire in ... three
days, and I generate a new one.  Everything goes fine, and I upload the
key to the keyserver, and it tells me it goes through just fine.

At the moment, on my machine, the keys look like this:

	pub  1024D/02B573F6 2001-05-31 Chris Flipse <flip@octoraro.org>
	uid                            Chris Flipse <flip@csh.rit.edu>
	uid                            Chris Flipse <flip@athas.org>
	sub  1024g/10EFF6DA 2001-05-31 [expires: 2001-10-06]
	sub  1024g/6B45DAD7 2001-10-04 [expires: 2002-04-02]

But, when I decide to check and make sure everything got exported
alright, I get the following:

	wanderer:~ 321% gpg --recv-key 02B573F6 
	gpg: requesting key 02B573F6 from wwwkeys.us.pgp.net ...
	gpg: key 02B573F6: invalid subkey binding
	gpg: key 02B573F6: not changed
	gpg: key 02B573F6: already in trusted key table
	gpg: Total number processed: 1
	gpg:              unchanged: 1
	wanderer:~ 322% 

So ... can anybody give me a hint on what that "invalid subkey binding"
means?  Is this a (known) bug?  I'm running gnupg 1.06.

I also, in trying to research this a bit, discovered that doing a
search on my address at the pgp.net searches gives back a key other than
the one I'm using.  I *think* this was an old key that I lost in a hard
drive crash ... There's no way for me to get that out of the database,
is there?  A revokation certificiate has not made itself apparent ... I
think that floppy might have gotten reused by my roommate as a boot

 - flip
//    [pgp] 1024D/02B573F6   		[http] meteu.octoraro.org
"I may make you feel, but I can't make you think."
        -- Jethro Tull, "Thick as a Brick"

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