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Re: Security on debian

hi ya scoot..

hoping you mean "really secure" as good enough for protecting
against most script kiddies ...

you can dig thru all those hundreds of urls... fun reading if you have
the time ...

debian security howto
	( url seemed slow to me too...gave up after 10 sec of waiting )

simplified "hardening"
	- turn off daemons you dont need/use ( printer, samba, etc
	- turn off services yu dont need/use ( telnet, ftp, ppp, etc
	- file system changes ( look for setuid bits, do you need it?
		passwd files, "special accounts" dont need bash shells
	- backup of your important data
	- audit your sytem - ( nmap, nessus, etc
	- tighten your kernel ( do you need modules
		try to protect against buffer overflow
	- lots to do... ( endless list of stuff... )

have fun
http://www.Linux-Sec.net/Harden -- more detailed hardening stuff to do(later)

On Sun, 30 Sep 2001, Scott Henson wrote:

> Can any one point me to the best books, how-to's, articles, scripts, etc. on
> hardening debian and making it really secure, but still easy to use?  I was
> looking on the debian site and I saw a security how-to, but for some reason
> it would not let me access it.  It said i didnt have permision to view it.

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