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Need Help with the Debian Securing Manual (contributions accepted)

	I am not sure everybody is aware of the "Securing Debian Manual"
which can be found at
http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/securing-debian-howto/. In any case, I'm
asking for some help with this document due to the current overload of
information I'm suffering.

	Information I would deeply appreciate in order to include in the
Manual would include:

- fixes for the FIXME entries (both in paragraphs and in comments in the
SGML sources)

- Frequently asked questions posted to this list which are not currently
in the document (for example, the setuid changes question asked a far
back, or the X listeing on port 6000)

- Information on the task-harden packages in Debian and what are they for

- checks on the URLs pointed by the Manual

- information on setting up firewalling (both for novice users, maybe
using some nice GUI frontends and administrators)

- bibliography information (I am aware of some but a good listing of both
online documents and books related to security would be useful)

- howto path Debian's default kernel with supplied kernel patches
(lids-xxx, kernel-patch-openwall, and -harden)

- setting up firewall proxy with Debian's packages (we have some http, X,
ftp, nntp, irc, dns, mail, and socks proxies)

- kerberos authentication/integration in Debian

- secure replacement for common services in Debian (eg, do *not* install
bind if you are not setting up a full DNS server you have other DNS
lightweight servers instead...) 

	I would appreciate patches against current CVS sgml version of the
manual (read http://www.debian.org/doc/ddp on how to do this).



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