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Oident connection root(root) !!

So I wake up and blam.. surprise.. cable is down....
pop up ssh.. oh.. well. ifconfig shows incorrect info for eth0 (cable)
Alrighty.. that's odd...turns out:
Sep 22 17:33:27 cr430692-a oidentd[281]: [] Successful
p: 1034 , 21 : root (root)
is found in my logs... So I'm like that's odd... never seen that
before... I was in fact on irc around about that time... but
my connections do not use user root or the SourceForgenet IP.
I discover my system was rebooted:
Sep 23 00:34:18 cr430692-a -- MARK --
Sep 23 00:40:40 cr430692-a syslogd 1.3-3#33.1: restart.
some -this just in: roomate flicked switch for switched plug in- ...
ok.. that explains the reboot... now why did it come backup with the
wrong IP. Why was DHCP not running (it's in
the /etc/network/interfaces, which seems to automatically look after
DHCP operation...as I have disabled the script in init.d).
To fix the IP problem I rebooted (crap.. I think because ifdown eth0
failed, but I'm not sure).
Anyhow, if someone could at least explain what the oidentd connection
was ?

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