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Re: i am experincing intrusion attempts

Seekingheat50750@aol.com wrote:

> I need to trace the person who is hitting on my pc 40 times a day.
> Any ideas?

You mean, someone who's trying to hack into it over the Internet?

Well, for a start, check your firewall logs (you do have a firewall,
right?), and the logs for whatever server they're trying to break in
through (apache, ssh, whatever). That should give you the IP address.
Then use 'host' and 'whois' to find out what organization controls that
address. Then fire off a complaint to them. Typically, 'abuse@domain' or
'postmaster@domain' might be good places to start.

40 times a day seems pretty small all of a sudden, though, since I've
seen 1100+ attempts to break into my web server within the past few
hours, thanks to the new, nastier-than-ever Code Whatever that has just
hit the net today. Fortunately, it's another Windows-only worm, and my
web server is, of course, running Linux.


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