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Re: firewall

Simon Huggins <huggie@earth.li> writes:

> > That's why my script, previously plugged, proceeds to REJECT, with
> > TCP-RST, ident requests separately, further down. The above does not
> > DROP identd, unless you're sending me invalid packets, of course.
> Indeed it does. Perhaps you should include a date in that file with
> revisions, since I downloaded a version on 12th June 2001 (date of the
> original post) which didn't contain the lines for ident.
> (In case people have forgotten we are talking about:
> http://spodzone.org.uk/packages/secure/iptables.sh)

It's continually evolving, although slowing down now. Last updated:

 | -rw-r--r--    1  1799 Sep 11 11:25 iptables.sh

too, to include limits on logging and an example of DNAT ;8)

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